About BabyDi

It all started when my wife and I had a son.

When it came time to teach him how to feed himself, we realized that we could not use ordinary dishes. It was not safe for the baby, he could get hurt. Another kid could have thrown it off the table.

A lot of broken plates and bowls had to be thrown away))

Then we began to look for a special set of dishes for our child, but we could not find a suitable one that would be safe, convenient, could be attached, which the baby could not hurt himself.


After trying different versions of dishes, we realized that none of them is suitable for us.

Then we decided to come up with our own!

The most important thing for us is the safety of our child. Therefore, we used food-friendly and environmentally friendly silicone, and decided to choose bamboo for spoons.

Our second criterion is convenience. Therefore, we chose food-grade silicone, which can be taken with you, easily attaches to the surface, and can withstand very high and low temperatures.

About the silicone spoon, our baby won't get hurt. It is very convenient for him to chew it.

We have already sold several thousand different types and colors of our food set and constantly receive only positive feedback!


With love to you, the founders of Klaus Fox and the creators of babydi tableware